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Acquisitions/Mergers: Photline Technologies Joins the iXBlue Group

Posted on 25.07.2013 - 07:15 EDT in ACQUISITION/MERGER NEWS by ginamc


 iXBlue iXBlue extends a warm welcome to Photline, a company in which the group already had a large stake and which now holds almost 100% equity. Photline is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the group. 

  Founded more than ten years ago by formers researchers at CNRS and University of Besançon, France, Photline designs, develops and manufactures integrated optical components and products for scientific and industrial applications in the instrumentation, telecommunications, aeronautical, spatial and defense sectors. 


Photline was already a major supplier of optical components for iXBlue inertial navigation 


systems, making a significant contribution to their performance. 


Photline will bring its know-how and considerable skills to the iXBlue Group, and in return will benefit from the group’s worldwide sales and support network. 


The iXBlue Group is thus furthering its development policy with the integration of expanding high technology SMEs. 

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