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Subsea Telecom News: Global Marine Systems Introduces Digital X-Ray Camera to Reduce Subsea Cable Rep

Posted on 28.06.2013 - 07:20 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by ginamc

Global Marine Systems Global Marine Systems has developed a new digital x-ray technology to replace traditional film as a new standard for subsea cable repair capability. The DXr1 camera is the first of its kind for the subsea industry and employs similar technology to that already proven in the medical field. 

 The DXr1 allows for digital capture of a cable joint during repairs, with real-time review as the x-ray images are taken. This process significantly reduces the time required for image capture and assessment that has traditionally been needed for cable repair work. In addition to reduced time and cost of repair, the DXr1 also enhances the quality, efficiency and record keeping capability of the cable jointing assessment process. 


The DXr1 is a highly robust, marine compatible camera that requires no films, no chemicals, and zero processing time. It brings a distinct improvement in both procedure and results, to those of previous film-based options. The camera is windows compatible, with touch screen control, offering a simple operating interface and image assessment. 


“Global Marine continues to lead the way in subsea cable repair technology, and we’re delighted to offer this new development to the industry,” noted John Walters, Director of Maintenance for Global Marine Systems. “We have been consistent in our efforts to improve efficiency and reduce costs for our maintenance customers, and the DXr1 is our most recent demonstration of these efforts.” 


The DXr1 was developed in conjunction with JME Limited and is available for purchase exclusively through Global Marine. 



For media enquiries please contact: 

Anne Dellos LeBoutillier 

Main: +65-6513-1300

Direct: +65-6513-1310 

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