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Inspection: MacArtney Empower DCN Diving Power Plant Inspection Project

Posted on 27.02.2013 - 07:10 EST in INSPECTION NEWS (Subsea) by ginamc

MacArtney In early December 2012, Dutch subsea service provider, DCN Diving, required the assistance and service of MacArtney Benelux, to co-design, build and deliver an extensive range of underwater technology equipment, for use on a major project.

 MacArtney Technician - Umbilicals arrive in Rotterdam - DCN diver habitats ready with LUXUS brackets

MacArtney Technician                                                      Umbilicals arrive in Rotterdam                                         DCN diver habitats ready with LUXUS brackets


Challenge, solution and equipment:

DCN Diving had been called upon to perform a diver-habitat based inspection and repair of the inlet channels at a large European power plant. Critical projects like this often come with a challenging timeframe and this instance proved no different. DCN Diving was required to commence work in January 2013, and therefore needed to compile all the necessary equipment ASAP.
One of the challenges related to the project was the extensive length of the actual inlet tunnels, which required the umbilical cable for interfacing the control room and the diver habitats to be almost 900 metres long. Within this context, especially the loss of signal and power needed to be addressed.
In order to deliver a well planned and promptly executed solution, engineers from MacArtney and DCN Diving engaged in close teamwork from day one. For almost three weeks, workshop engineers and technicians of MacArtney Benelux worked non-stop to overcome the challenges and deliver the full range of equipment. A particular time-saving advantage to the process was that SubConn® connectors were already in stock at MacArtney.
The total contribution made by MacArtney included

  • 10 LUXUS Compact Cameras
  • 6 LUXUS Compact LED Lights
  • 4 LUXUS Wide Angle LED Lights
  • Various light and camera controllers and amplifiers
  • 6 dive umbilicals (camera, communications and light), including adapters
  • Helmet brackets and brackets for on top of the diver habitat.
  • 2 diver habitat umbilicals with 50 meter and 150 meter extension leads
  • All technical drawings and test certificates

As of 21st of December, the equipment packages were completed and started to roll of the production line at the MacArtney Benelux premises in Rotterdam. The mission was accomplished!


Control room with LUXUS interface - Camera on Habitat - Cables & SubConns - SubConns











Control room with LUXUS interface                               Camera on Habitat                  Cables & SubConns                                                         SubConns


According to Ron Voerman, Managing Director of MacArtney Benelux: "Even though this project meant a lot of work and pressure of time, we enjoyed working closely with DCN Diving to achieve the best solution". He continues: "We hope and trust that our equipment will be of great benefit to DCN and help them do a good and safe job on their challenging project".



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