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Contract Awards: Deepwater TrackLink Systems Gain Further Popularity

Posted on 28.07.2005 - 02:37 EDT in CONTRACT AWARDS by admin

sales writes:  TrackLink USBL tracking systems are the world's best selling USBL positioning systems. The deepwater models TrackLink 5000 and 10000 systems have gained further popularity recently. Hawaii Undersea Research Lab recently took delivery of a TrackLink 5000HA system with 3 TN5010A transponders for tracking deepwater manned submersibles Pisces V and Pisces IV.

This system has been extensively used to track the submersibles in HURL's recent expedition to South Pacific Ocean for study of undersea volcanos.

The Seabed Technology and Research Center at the University of Mississippi has purchased a TrackLink 5000HA system to track towed seismic receivers in its survey projects in Gulf of Mexico.

Deep Ocean Expeditions has also taken delivery of a TrackLink 5000HA system. This system will be used to track its fleet of deepwater manned submersibles. Additionally, LinkQuest has shipped an Ultra-deepwater TrackLink 10000 system to support a deepwater expedition in Atlantic Ocean.

Existing customers of the deepwater TrackLink systems have also purchased more transponders and spares recently.

Based on the advanced Broadband Acoustic Spread Spectrum Technology and modern DSP technology, the TrackLink systems offer highly accurate, robust and cost-effective integrated USBL tracking and communication solutions to meet worldwide demand.

For more information, please visit or contact the company at

Source: LinkQuest Inc
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