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Cables between the Cape Verde Islands

Posted on 16.12.2011 - 15:00 EST in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Cables between the Cape Verde IslandsThe Cape Verde project is being installed between four of the Cape Verde islands these days. The end customer is the local Capo Verde Telecom SA.

Strategic position

The Cape Verde islands' strategic position as the first landing point for cables from South America and into Europe and Africa means that many communications cables go to the main island, but few go between the islands.

Cable track transportation

The cables now being installed by IT International Telecom Marine SRL, have an outer sheathing of polyethylene to withstand the corrosive water conditions. The land cables were sent in advance in containers and the subsea cables were fetched in Rognan in late August. IT International Telecom's installation vessel The Intrepid was at the dock and the cable was transported in the cable track down to the dock, a total of approximately 527 km. It was then loaded onboard.

3800 meters

Earlier this year, it was said that the system would have a length of total 371 km, but when IT International Telecom Marine SRL undertook a survey of the area, they found that substantially more cable was needed, and the depth of which the cable is to be laid is as much as 3800m.

Mr Carlo Inocencio of Cape Verde Telecom SA attended parts of the loading and was present at the acceptance testing (FAT) at Rognan. Factory visits were conducted for all the crew on The Intrepid. Mr Scott Weese has been the project manager from IT International Telecom Marine SRL, and his counterpart at Nexans Norway has been Mr. Bjørn Broen.

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