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Eneco builds innovative North Sea wind farm

Posted on 07.12.2011 - 14:00 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Eneco builds innovative North Sea wind farmThe Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation today issued a decree awarding a subsidy to Eneco from the remaining budget for the SDE [Sustainable Energy Production scheme] Round 2 to the development of a wind farm in the North Sea. This will allow Eneco to implement a new and innovative wind farm 23 kilometres off the coast near the Dutch town of Noordwijk. The total investment amounts to 400 to 450 million euros.

Construction is scheduled to commence the end of 2013, and the wind farm which will consist of 43 windmills, is to be fully operational by 2014. It will generate 129 megawatts of capacity, delivering green power to at least 135,000 households. The wind farm will also offer scope for others wanting to test innovations involving foundations, fitting techniques and large windmills. This will promote the further development of the Dutch wind offshore sector and will contribute towards a reduction in cost price for wind at sea projects.

The wind farm will comprise 43 modern Vestas V112-3.0MW wind turbines with a joint capacity of 129 megawatts. It is the ambition of Eneco to enlarge the capacity of the park to 150 megawatts by replacing 7 turbines by 7 innovative turbines of 6 megawatts each. A European grant has been requested for this (NER300).

Eneco collaborated constructively with Nuon in the run-up to this project. But Nuon decided not to prolong its participation and to grant Eneco its space.

Eneco has garnered experience during the construction and maintenance of the Prinses Amalia Wind Farm (120 megawatts) off the coast of IJmuiden. This wind farm has performed flawlessly ever since it was commissioned in 2008. The new wind farm lies 17 km south of Prinses Amalia, at a similar water depth till 25 metres.

Jeroen de Haas, Chairman of Eneco's Management Board: "This incentive from the Minister of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation for this North Sea wind farm forms an important contribution towards the Dutch sustainable energy objectives. It is great news for our company and for energy provision in the Netherlands, that we can take concrete steps towards the further development of this major economic sector."

Facts & figures

Number of turbines 43 turbines
43x3megawatts or 36x3 megawatts+7x6 megawatts
Capacity at least 135,000 or 150,000
Location 23 km off the coast of Noordwijk,
17 km south of the Prinses Amalia Wind Farm
 Depth of drain 18 – 24 metres
Investment amount 400 to 450 million euros
SDE grant up to 989 million euros, period 2014-2029
Construction period 2013-2014
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