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KCF Technologies supports the Rozalia Project's goal of cleaning the seas

Posted on 07.12.2011 - 11:00 EST in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

KCF Technologies supports the Rozalia Project's goal of cleaning the seasThe Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean concluded a record-setting year, and gave credit for some of its success to KCF Technologies Smart Tether - an innovative, very simple to use, non-acoustic navigation system that offers real-time GPS positioning for remotely operated underwater vehicles, along with advanced scanning, mapping, and target-marking functions. According to Rozalia Project Founder Rachael Miller, the KCF Smart Tether was able to "make our work much easier," giving "the ROV's exact latitude and longitude [to] allow us to mark the location of marine debris ... on Google Earth," an ability "invaluable to our data collection and research."

Crowning the Rozalia Project's success this year, it won the $20,000 National Award in the Interlux Waterfront Challenge, showcasing efforts of volunteers "improving their local waterfront and encouraging others to do the same."

As of October 23, the Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean had removed 12,017 pieces of trash from oceans, bays and lakes with the help of 1,461 project participants. It also surveyed derelict fishing gear off the New Hampshire seacoast, identifying more than 1,500 potential lost lobster traps on the sea floor. Rozalia's net study revealed alarming potential densities of more than 105,000 pieces of marine debris and 2.25 miles of monofilament and rope or net fiber per square nautical mile in whale-feeding areas off the Maine and New Hampshire coasts.

To learn more about the role of KCF's Smart Tether technology in the Rozalia Project, go to

KCF Technologies develops and commercializes a wide range of products and solutions for industry and defense, capably and efficiently bridging the gap between initial concept and successfully completed product by establishing strategic partnerships.

Rozalia Project is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization whose mission is to find and recover marine debris from the surface to the sea floor through action, technology, outreach and research. The organization operates from the record-breaking circumnavigator now research-vessel, American Promise along the New England coast and in the waterways of Vermont. For more information about Rozalia Project for a Clean Ocean visit:

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