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Data platforms in demand at OSIL

Posted on 24.11.2011 - 10:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Data platforms in demand at OSILOSIL are reporting thriving sales of data platforms on an international level. OSIL are able to provide a completely customised system for the client, incorporating a lightweight yet robust buoy from the range offered by OSIL, a mooring system uniquely designed around each application, all sensors required by the contract, and data, integrated into a single package, available for the client(s) to view in real time from a secure website available worldwide.

OSIL's buoys are available in four different sizes ranging from a diameter of 1.2m with a buoyancy of 500kg, up to 3m in diameter with 9000kg of buoyancy. They are manufactured using rotationally moulded polyethylene hulls around a galvanised steel or welded polyethylene central structure, allowing for the passage of instrumentation and cables from the tower to the water, and the protection of instrumentation positioned within the channel. The customised 316 stainless steel frame attached to the top of the buoy enables additional instrumentation and equipment to be attached.

osil_maltabuoyA common specification is the popular Fulmar 1.9m buoy, with solar panels, met sensors, water quality sonde and one of the remarkable data to web telemetry solutions available exclusively from OSIL. Customers are also choosing to upgrade their telemetry systems, as improved technology, such as the Falcon or Falconet data to web system, is released onto the market.

Data from the Falcon or Falconet system is presented on a dedicated website with a password access, using secure servers, and can interface with existing data gatherer and SCADA systems. Multiple sites can be displayed on one screen, with inputs from multiple sensors. Applications can be developed in short timescales and at low cost to enable tailored software solutions. Data can also be integrated easily into the Google Earth program, and is backed up on the Meteor Data Centre, which has an impressive data handling history.

Any web enabled device can be used to view the data, which can also be transmitted via text, including alarms, or a stand alone receiving terminal can be set up. The on site equipment can be reconfigured or controlled through the 2 way communication link, or a voice menu system.

Improving technology and OSIL's impressive performance history on delivering cutting edge solutions with the most appropriate instrumentation at the highest standard possible has contributed to the increase in sales reported by OSIL.

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