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Coastline Surveys break CPT depth record supporting Calegeo on Mediterranean cab

Posted on 07.10.2011 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Coastline Surveys break CPT depth record supporting Calegeo on Mediterranean cable route surveyUK based Coastline Surveys Limited, were contracted by Calegeo, a trading division of Calecore Ltd, for a Alcatel Lucent cable burial assessment survey recently broke their own water depth record with their C-Pen40 seabed CPT system. Under the survey a total of 44 CPT's were completed along the proposed TURCYOS-II cable route.

Cable repair vessel the M.V. Peter Faber was adapted for deep water Geotechnical Operations. After careful review of the work scope specifications, Calegeo elected to utilise Coastline's C-Pen40 for the programme. C-Pen40 is a ROSON single wheel seabed penetrometer designed to operate in up to 2,000m water depth, making it an ideal choice for this contract.

After mobilising in Turkey the 44 tests were completed to full penetration across the 210km route between the two landfalls. With a steep shelf on both sides most of the CPT's were undertaken in water depths of over 1,000m with a record depth of 1,250m being successfully achieved. The work along the route was completed in less than 5 working days before being demobilised in Malta.

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