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North Sea Skippers Told to be on their Guard for Runaway Mini Submarine

Posted on 12.08.2011 - 06:24 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

North Sea Skippers Told to be on their Guard for Runaway Mini SubmarineSkippers were yesterday warned to watch out for a runaway mini submarine that could be roaming the North Sea at high speed. Sealion 4 vanished after the umbilical cord linking it to the North Sea Giant, the world's largest offshore construction vessel, was cut during a storm on July 29.

The yellow observation pod, owned by Aberdeen firm Fugro Subsea, was lost in deep waters in the Falls of Warness, off the coast of Eday in Orkney.

The "extremely valuable" remotely operated vehicle weighs around 2600kg and is said to be the size of a family car.

Fugro SealionShetland Coastguard watch assistant Charlie Smith said: "It was in around 100ft of water and going at quite a speed so it could have ended up anywhere.

"There were strong tides when it was lost so it's looking very unlikely they're going to find it in one piece."

Mini-submarines are used to carry out a variety of work in the oil and gas industry, including inspections and drill support duties.

Source: Daily Record

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