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Bowtech leak detection system

Posted on 30.11.2010 - 09:00 EST in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Bowtech leak detection systemThe Bowtech Leak Detection System is a bespoke solution for identifying leaks in pipelines, risers and subsea wellhead equipment. It includes a LED lamp which emits a green light for excitation of fluorescent tracer dye and a high resolution, low light sensitive camera fitted with a filter to enable the detection of the fluorescing dye.

The examples below show the effect of fluorescent tracer dye excited by the green light as detected with colour or monochrome cameras with or without filter, demonstrating that the optimum configuration is monochrome filtered camera.


The LED-540 lamp is part of our highly successful Aquavision underwater vision and lighting range. Utilising our proven Bowtech LED array, it has no fragile filaments, is highly shock resistant and robust, with exceptional longevity (effective lifetime greater than 100,000 hours). It is built in a hard anodised aluminium housing rated for 3000m operating depth.

The Aquavision LCC-600-610 camera is manufactured with a high quality Titanium housing rated to 4000m (or 6000m option) operating depth. The low light sensitive high resolution camera fitted with a fixed focus, wide angle lens and 610nm filter to detect fluorescence emitted by the tracer dye.

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