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SeaBotix LBV ROV used for 690 meter pipeline inspection

Posted on 26.11.2010 - 13:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeaBotix LBV ROV used for 690 meter pipeline inspectionPro-ROV Services was contracted by Ocean Innovations and C&W Divers to perform a one-day inspection for the West Basin Municipal Water District's (Los Angeles, CA) temporary desalination demo project at the Redondo Beach Harbor, CA. The project entailed a 610 meter (2,000ft) penetration of an old but existing saltwater 3 meter (10ft) diameter reinforced concrete intake pipe.

The pipe was initially built as the cooling intake for the adjacent power plant. The requirement was to find out what the remaining clearance was throughout the inside of the pipe. It was known that there was sand build up as divers had penetrated part of the pipe, but could only go so far. More information needed to be collected on how much sand and debris was in the pipe in order for C&W Diving to determine costs and time commitment to remove the sand and debris.

This was accomplished with the use of a SeaBotix LBV300-6 and 750 meter (2,420ft) tether, line/tether distance counter, along with audio and video recording equipment. Pro-ROV Services was able to penetrate up to 579 meters (1,900ft) before coming to sand buildup that was less than the 355 mm (14in) of height of the ROV. At regular intervals as dictated by the line counter and on-site engineer the ROV was put on the floor of the pipe and then sent straight up to the crown of the pipe for height measurements. This method was employed as exact measurements were not required where profiling sonar would have been used. As this is only a temporary inlet pipe for demonstration purposes of the desalination project, this method of measurement was determined to be accurate enough.

"Longer pipe penetrations up to 2,000 meters (6,000ft) are possible with the LBV300-6" says Mark Stepanek, owner and operator of Pro-ROV Services. "This model of ROV provides Pro-ROV Services to offer longer pipe penetrations along with a small form factor enabling access to smaller diameter pipes, often a requirement by municipalities, construction companies and utilities" says Mark. "Water depth is not usually an issue with these type of projects, but having a small ROV with the capability to pull 2,000 meters of cable while taking great video and sonar and sending it back up to the surface for real-time viewing by engineering is a real plus - There just aren't that many companies offer a product and service to do this."

Pro-ROV Services is located in San Diego, CA. It is a small, cost competitive ROV service provider that has worked on a variety of dams, reservoirs, pipelines (water, oil, sewage) and construction projects. Services include video inspection, sonar scanning including side scan (single and multi-beam) and pipe profiling, hydrographic survey, and acoustic imaging. Work includes enclosed environments, offshore, inland waterways, harsh environments, dams, tanks, pipes (up to 2,000m/6,000 ft.), and typically down to depths of 200 meters (660ft), but can go deeper with other LBV vehicles. Dry pipes are inspected through the use of crawlers.

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