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General: Technip wins the prestigious 2010 Global Pipeline Award

Posted on 10.11.2010 - 07:45 EST in GENERAL NEWS by ginamc

TechnipTechnip has been awarded the 2010 Global Pipeline Award in the field of Pipeline Transportation during the International Pipeline Conference in Calgary, Canada, for its Subsea Cryogenic Pipe-in-Pipe Pipeline Transfer System (C-PiP).

The American Society of Mechanical Engineers International (ASME) Global Pipeline Award was presented to Technip by members of the Pipeline Systems Division, a division of the International Petroleum Technology Institute (IPTI). This prestigious award acknowledges outstanding innovations and major technological advances in the field of pipeline transportation.

Technip began development of the C-PiP Pipeline Technology in 2004, earned proof-of-concept certification by ABS and BV in 2006, and fitness-for-service certification from DNV in 2008. Technip is currently designing or has assessed the potential for C-PiP Pipeline applications in several projects.

The award application featured the design for the Hess LNG Weaver’s Cove Energy project in Fall River, Massachusetts. Technip’s C-PiP technology was selected for this liquefied natural gas import terminal project based on its superior safety and reliability features. The C-PiP LNG transfer system was engineered to address the specific challenges of this project’s location and is currently proposed for the 4.25-mile (6.8 km) long offshore berth.

Technip’s innovative technology is an effective next step in global development of safe and reliable LNG pipeline transportation from both far inland onshore plants and far offshore loading/unloading locations. It will also enhance contribution to the efficiency, operability, versatility and integrity of worldwide pipeline transportation systems.

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