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RESON integrates scanning laser into PDS2000

Posted on 27.09.2010 - 11:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

RESON integrates scanning laser into PDS2000Fusing data sets from multiple sensors is a demanding requirements being seen more and more frequently in client specifications, typically combining photogrammetry or laser data with multibeam sonar data to create a seamless image of structures above and below the waterline. RESON have now prepared the PDS2000 software package to combine data under the waterline with data above the waterline to show breakwaters and harbour walls.

Laser scanning systems integrated in PDS2000

RESON has completed integration of scanning laser systems into their hydrographic software package PDS2000, supporting multiple sensor types. Data from the laser scanners are shown real in time, and are fully corrected for heave, roll, pitch, heading and position. Together with the multibeam data, crisp laser images are presented to the operator providing a clear, realtime view of structures both above and below the waterline in a single survey line!

Laser scanner combined with SeaBat

Data from the laser scanner can be collected simultaneously with the SeaBat multibeam sonar. All data is collected and combined by PDS2000. PDS2000 also applies real-time processing to the laser scanning data in order to collect good quality data. Data from the laserscanner can be processed, edited and validated in one of the 3D editors available in PDS2000.

Test of Laser scanning system

RESON customers have already used this new laser scanning feature. A successful trial of the software was made showing the RESON Rotterdam Office area. The data shown in the image was collected using an Optech laser scanner.

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