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Two more ATLAS FANSWEEP 20 multibeam sonars for China

Posted on 13.09.2010 - 15:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Two more ATLAS FANSWEEP 20 multibeam sonars for ChinaThe Shanghai Da Hua Surveying and Mapping Company has ordered two more ATLAS FANSWEEP 20 shallow water mapping systems for their hydrographic surveying tasks. Most of the work is carried out for their mother company, the Shanghai Dredging Company.

In addition to a former system already in use since more than ten years, the customer decided to increase the capacity of hi survey fleet with two 200 kHz versions ATLAS FANSWEEP 20 multibeam echosounders.

The identical configuration for both systems consists of ATLAS FANSWEEP 20-200, ATLAS HYDROMAP CONTROL software for sensor steering and control, HYPACK & HYSWEEP data acquisition software, IXSEA OCTANS combined motion sensor & gyro compass and AML Oceanographic MicroSV keel sound velocity probe for determination of the water sound velocity at the transducers. The V-shaped transducer pair is installed in a mobile transducer rig, which allows an easy dismantling and re-installation of the system.

In close co-operation with our local Chinese partners, Wuxi Haiying - Cal Tec Marine Technology Co., Ltd. and ATLAS Maritime Technology (Shanghai) Co. Ltd., the systems are intended to be in operation end of 2010.

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