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GMSL launches 'Predator' inspection class ROV at HydroVision International in Ch

Posted on 06.09.2010 - 09:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

GMSL launches 'Predator' inspection class ROV at HydroVision International in Charlotte, NCGlobal Marine Systems is today launching Predator - a new Inspection class ROV, at HydroVision International (27th-30th July 2010), in Charlotte, North Carolina. The US conference is the world’s largest gathering of hydro professionals, highlighting perspectives on the role of hydropower and the issues affecting hydro resources on a global level.

The Chelmsford UK-based company has been involved in the business of laying subsea cables for over 160 years and has applied this wealth of engineering expertise to both the advancement of and investment in, state-of-the-art ROV technologies. The Predator is a new modular, 300m rated inspection class ROV system, which is being manufactured and brought to market by Global Marine.

A highly portable system, which can be easily deployed in almost any type of setting from the back of a small boat, to a pier or a bridge, Predator uses the very latest high-reliability technology to ensure maximum operating efficiency for a number of marine operations. These include such areas as; the inspection of submarine cables, pipelines, turbine foundations, bridges, seawalls, general seabed and harbour and inland waterway inspection, search and rescue as well as military applications.

The ROV is well-suited for a broad range of observation and inspection tasks in waters up to 300 metres, and has been specifically developed to meet the ever demanding markets for rugged and reliable underwater sensing, viewing and data gathering systems. Its modular design means that Predator can support multiple add-ons giving customers a near-customised experience without the cost and on-staff engineering expertise usually required to operate such systems.

"Predator was designed and built by marine engineers with practical, hands-on in field experience," said John Davies, Managing Director, Global Marine Subsea Services. "It is this deep, real-world experience that translates into a product that delivers more, weighs less and is easier to deploy, operate and maintain than comparable ROVs."

ROVs provide a practical, safe, and economically feasible way to perform many types of underwater work, and Predator's economical size and innovative engineering means that it is cheaper to run and requires less manpower to deploy than ROVs with similar functional capabilities.

"The Predator is the next phase in the expansion of our ROV facility in Portland, UK and will help to further fill the gap that exists in the market for flexible, cost effective equipment along with trained ROV personnel," said Gabriel Ruhan, CEO at Global Marine Systems. “We believe that the long-term expansion of the marine engineering and services industry in the UK requires that constant innovation. We are very interested in playing a part in the development of a new generation of highly-skilled subsea engineering jobs across our market sectors and specifically in this case, the field of ROVs."

Global Marine can be found at Booth 1057 at HydroVision International Conference & Exhibition or the Predator website:

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