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New orders for Tritech's excavation and jetting pumps

Posted on 06.08.2010 - 09:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

New orders for Tritech's excavation and jetting pumpsTritech, the innovative underwater technology company, has recently supplied a significant number of its Merlin subsea pumps to South America. This follows local orders for Tritech's Boost Pumps, a higher capacity pump from Tritech's ZipJet family, specially designed for a global upstream technologies company.

The Merlin pump has been efficiently designed to avoid blockages or jams, as there are no moving parts in the suction flow path. Compact yet powerful, it is ideal for ROV use. A flow reversal valve can be operated to back flush the suction nozzle, should there be an obstruction. This allows the operator to break up heavy and cohesive seabed mud and sand prior to excavation. Power is derived from a stream of high-velocity fluid creating a low-pressure region behind the suction nozzle. With three modes of operation, Merlin may be rapidly switched from suction to jetting or be configured to allow jetting and excavation to be carried out simultaneously.

The Merlin pumps, named after the famous Lochs of Scotland, are hand built to an exacting standard at Tritech's Aberdeen site.

Sam Barrett, Technician, Tritech International, comments on Tritech's hydraulic range: "We take pride in the efficiency and reliability of our pumps. Merlin is just one of a very successful family of ZipJet pumps, all of which are built and tested to the highest possible standards."

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