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William Frick & Company introduces three super-rugged RFID tags

Posted on 27.07.2010 - 09:00 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

William Frick & Company introduces three super-rugged RFID tagsThree industrial-strength Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) tags have been introduced by William Frick & Company, a leading producer of custom identification products like RFID tags, barcode labels, utility markers and signs.

The all steel, weldable WoW tag, plus the rubber FRAC and Sling/Hang tags were conceived by Technologies ROI (TROI) and are being distributed in North America exclusively by William Frick & Company.

The three tags were designed to survive extremely harsh environments and are resistant to impact, pressure and water. Plus, they can be read at long ranges. These capabilities make them ideal for subsea operations.

The steel tag is unique because it is the first time an RFID tag can be welded to the object it is intended to identify. The innovative attachment mechanisms of the other two tags are nylon-coated, braided steel loop or cable providing for durability with extremely easy attachment so they can be securely fastened to whatever asset needs to be tracked. For information redundancy, the tags can be laser-etched so information is easily readable with the naked eye.

“For the first time, oil and gas companies and others in heavy industry have RFID tags tough enough to withstand the rigors of extremely harsh operating conditions,” said Evie Bennett, vice president of William Frick & Company. “By tagging pipelines, cables, chains and other important assets, companies can become more efficient at managing inventory in the field and knowing when equipment needs to be serviced or replaced.”

The tags were field tested over 24 months by the five largest oil and gas producers. Because of the tags’ superior performance, they were designated RFID Tags of Choice for harsh-environment operations by the Oil and Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium.

“We found these tags survived even the most challenging environments, such as down-hole, sub-sea and high-chemical exposures and treatments,” said Sam Falsafi, co-founder of the Oil and Gas RFID Solution Group Consortium. “They met the needs and standards of the oil and gas industry in real-world settings, thereby earning credibility for RFID applications beyond just supply chain management. This substantiates RFID’s importance deep into oil and gas exploration, production and refining operations.”

WoW Tag

Because this tag is made of steel, it can be welded to any metal part, making it useful in oil and gas production, drilling, heavy industry, construction, transportation, mining and any other industry that needs to identify its important assets in a harsh environment.

“This weldable tag truly is a breakthrough product, combining the toughness and durability of steel with the benefits of RFID,” said Bennett. “In theory, an RFID tag completely encased in steel shouldn’t be able to work. Yet this tag provides exceptional readability and durability.”

The steel WoW tag uses an MSOP chip with frequency that is UHF Class 1, Gen 2 / ISO 18000-6c compliant. It can be read from every direction due to the spherical readability of the tag’s innovative antenna.


This exceptionally rugged RFID tag is made of vulcanized rubber encasing a durable chip on-board electronics design. The tag snugs up tightly around pipes and other tubular objects. Highly impact resistant, this tag remained undamaged when tested with a sledgehammer.

The FRAC tag attaches using a nylon-coated 5/16th inch braided stainless-steel cable with pre-crimped ends that slide together and lock tightly when pressed closed.

Sling/Hang Tag

The Sling/Hang tag is the same as the FRAC tag except that its braided attachment cable is a loop sized to go through a small opening like chain links or equipment handle. Additionally, it offers an anodized aluminum plate that can be etched with a 2D barcode, serial number, logo and other information for identification redundancy.

Hi-res photos of the three tags can be downloaded from

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