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Seatronics Pte Ltd invests in the latest portable multibeam technology

Posted on 01.07.2010 - 11:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Seatronics Pte Ltd invests in the latest portable multibeam technologySingapore-based marine electronics rental specialists Seatronics Pte Ltd has recently invested in the latest R2Sonic 2024 portable multibeam system. Seatronics has introduced leading-edge technology to the rental market, and is the first rental company to invest in the digital technology.

The R2Sonic system revolutionises portable multibeam technology, surpassing legacy analogue equipment in terms of both performance and physical size. The R2Sonic 2024 combines a multitude of sonar applications in one very portable unit, which is depth rated to 3000 metres.

With multibeam echo sounders playing an increasingly important role in the survey construction market, Seatronics believes that this recent investment will allow customers to cover a variety of sonar applications from the same unit. The R2Sonic's ability to compress beams and increase resolution, combined with the ability to select alternative frequencies on the fly if acoustic interference is present, make this a very powerful tool in today's offshore market.

The R2Sonic 2024 is the world's first high-resolution wideband multibeam echo sounder with field-proven results and unmatched performance. The R2Sonic 2024 produces reliable and remarkably clean data with maximum user flexibility through all range settings from the surface to 3000m water depth when ROV fitted.

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