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SeaTrepid adds four Mohicans to its ROV fleet

Posted on 22.03.2010 - 12:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

SeaTrepid adds four Mohicans to its ROV fleetSeaTrepid has added four 2000 meter-rated TMS-based Sub-Atlantic Mohicans to its fleet of 37 Observation and Mid-Class ROVs. The Mohicans come complete with A-frame Launch and Recovery Systems, Tether Management System (TMS), integral HPU, over 2,000 meters of main lift umbilical and 330 meters of excursion tether from the TMS.

The SeaTrepid Mohican ROV systems are optimized for the harshest working environments. They are versatile, professional ROV systems suitable for offshore use. Their size provides a stable platform for high quality video and sonar surveys, and its enhanced propulsion system allows it to continue working in high current conditions. A wide range of state of the art sensor and tooling packages are available to be run with this equipment. High definition camera systems, Class I-IV torque tools, flooded member detection, cable and pipe trackers, bathymetric systems and multi-beam sonars represent just a few.

"We are continuing to expand our capabilities into heavier robotics for deeper environments while maintaining our high service quality," said Bob Christ, SeaTrepid's President and founder. "As the technology continues to rapidly evolve, we are demonstrating, one project manager at a time, how our technology delivers so much more for so much less."

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