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Sales: A Record Number of FlowQuest Current Profiler Sales

Posted on 11.01.2010 - 07:19 EST in SALES NEWS by jamesmc

LinkQuest FlowQuest Current ProfilerLinkQuest has received a record number of orders for its FlowQuest line of acoustic current profilers in 2009. Recently, an extensive line of models were purchased by worldwide customers for a large number of diverse applications.

LinkQuest FlowQuest acoustic current profilersThe Universidad de Cadiz of Spain purchased two 1500-meter rated FlowQuest 75 ultra long-range acoustic current profilers for oceanographic applications. The FlowQuest 75 current profiler operates at 75 kHz and is capable of reaching 900 meters of range. Electec N.V. at St. Maarten, Netherlands Antilles, has installed a FlowQuest 1000H system for horizontal current measurement in a harbor where the dock master monitors the current speed and water depth during docking of large cruise ships.


The First Institute of Oceanography, State Oceanic Administration, China, has purchased a second FlowQuest 150 long-range acoustic current profiler along with SoundLink underwater acoustic modems for a moored oceanographic application. LinkQuest has also supplied Kookmin University of South Korea with a FlowQuest 600 current profiler with WaveQuest directional wave measurement function for measuring currents and waves in coastal waters near South Korea. The Institute of Coastal and Offshore Engineering of Vietnam has purchased a FlowQuest 1000 system for measuring coastal currents and waves, and for performing discharge measurement. Sales of the single-beam FlowScout 2000 acoustic flow meters have also picked up from several countries. These systems have been extensively used for measuring flows in irrigation channels and rivers for water resource management.


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