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Do you want to save 16 hours per rig move?

Posted on 08.01.2010 - 09:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Do you want to save 16 hours per rig move?Bowtech Products are pleased to announce the latest major cost saving development in subsea camera technology. The ARMS system monitors each individual mooring chain and anchor on semi submersible drilling rigs, eliminating upto 16 hours operational time per rig move.

Designed around our state of the art colour CCD 36:1 zoom camera and utilising the latest technology in LED lighting, the ARMS system removes the need to ballast and de-ballast the rig to ensure the anchors are stowed safely.

Controlled remotely from either the winch house or remote bridge the ARMS system provides safety and security of staff and assets along with huge cost savings every time the rig is moved.

This system is already achieving success on a number of Semi Submersible rigs around the world. The image on the right is from a recent installation in Namibia on the GSF Rig 140.

To find out how with our Anchor Retrieval Monitoring Systems (ARMS), take 2 minutes to view our animation at...


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