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Contract Awards: Marine GeoSolutions signs contract for SeaBat 7101 multibeam sonar

Posted on 21.12.2009 - 09:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Marine GeoSolutions signs contract for SeaBat 7101 multibeam sonarMarine GeoSolutions (Pty) Ltd. is a specialist marine geophysical survey company operating from Durban, South Africa. Their core business includes offshore mineral exploration for mining companies and marine geophysical surveys in support of port development, engineering and dredging. In addition to offshore heavy mineral exploration, the company has experience in undertaking offshore exploration programmes for diamonds, phosphorite and glauconite and their staff have undertaken oil well-site investigations and fiber-optic cable landing site surveys.

The SeaBat 7101 upgrade will increase the efficiency and cost saving through more usable swath width provided by roll stabilization and equi-distant beams. The data quality will be better due to quality filter, uncertainty output and variable swath width. Another advantage in the upgrade is that the wet end will remain untouched and the upgrade will not change any wet end firmware, software or hardware.

The co-owner of Marine GeoSolutions, Dr Peter J Ramsay states: After many years of gratifying experience with our SeaBat 8101 we are now looking forward to upgrade to SeaBat 7101 with new features, which will increase our efficiency. We are looking forward continuing our relationship with RESON.

Marine GeoSolutions has many years of experience using RESON equipment. The equipment pool includes a SeaBat 8101 multibeam sonar system, NaviSound echosounders and sound velocity probes.

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