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Contract Awards: ROVworld Lda Appointed as StarFish Sidescan Sonar Distributor

Posted on 18.12.2009 - 08:35 EST in CONTRACT AWARDS by jamesmc

ROVworld Lda ROVworld Lda is pleased to announce that it has been appointed as a distributor by Tritech International Ltd for its range of StarFish SideScan Sonar seabed imaging systems. StarFish 450F Sidescan Sonar Advanced System
StarFish is the revolutionary affordable side scan sonar system that can produce spectacular images of the seabed.
Built to a unique, innovative design, the StarFish 450F is currently the smallest 'towfish' side scan sonar on the market measuring less than 15 inches (375mm) long!


James McLauchlan, MD of ROVworld Lda, commented that the "Starfish Sidescan Sonar system is a perfect fit into the range of highly portable Subsea inspection products supplied by our company."


Utilising advanced technology developed from the professional underwater survey industry, StarFish makes high-tech seabed imaging accessible to anyone.

StarFish 450 Sidescan Sonar

Simply tow the StarFish Towed Side Scan Sonar from a boat or any other vessel, large or small, to capture real-time digital images of the seafloor below. StarFish is truly 'Plug and Play' connecting to any Windows based PC or laptop via a USB connection. The simple intuitive StarFish Scanline software makes seabed imaging extremely easy for novices and experienced side scan sonar users alike. Small, light and very rugged, StarFish can easily be deployed and operated by a single person from the smallest of vessels in the most remote locations.


StarFish 450-Series side scan systems are supplied with MS Windows compatible Scanline operating software.
The systems can also be interfaced directly to HYPACK 2009. The interface is available within the HYPACK 2009a / 2009 Service Pack 1 software releases launched in August 2009.





More information on StarFish SideScan Sonar from:
ROVworld Lda
+351 289 472 326 (Phone)
+351 289 472 400 (Fax)


StarFish is an innovative product from Tritech International Limited and partner company Blueprint Design Engineering Ltd.
Tritech International Limited specialize in the production of high performance acoustic sensors, video cameras and mechanical tooling equipment for professional underwater markets.

If you are interested in finding out more information about Tritech International Ltd please visit

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