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Ageotec launches pioneer Perseo GT ROV

Posted on 04.12.2009 - 10:00 EST in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Ageotec launches pioneer Perseo GT ROVThe new Ageotec Perseo GT is a high quality multiPurpose class ROV with an operative depth equivalent to 600mts free fly and 1500mts with TMS.

Much more powerful than other ROVs of its category, in spite of its smaller dimensions, and its 90kilos weight, it enables easy deployment from small vessels and can mainly be employed for inspection and support operations, whenever a more powerful vehicle is required to carry out the tasks.

Stainless steel frame and high impact resistant chassis provide compactness and easy maintenance, while 6 brushless thrusters with magnetic coupled props allow use in harsh environment, holding the Rov steady even in strong currents.

A proper conceived control software guarantees easy handling to the pilot, while wide band optic fibre connection supplies unlimited data transmission and communication from the ROV to the surface.

With almost 4 knots speed capacity and 65kg forward thrust, the powerful new Perseo GT offers unequalled features and a wide range of work tasks like observation, search and survey in a light-weight package.

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