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Inspection: Oceanscan Assists In Tunisian Oil Field Inspection

Posted on 15.10.2004 - 13:08 EDT in INSPECTION NEWS (Subsea) by Rons_ROV_Links

Jack Mead, an experienced ROV pilot employed by Oceanscan, was recently hired by Lundin Petroleum to operate a SeaLion ROV purchased from JW Fishers.  The project involved inspection the FPSO (floating production storage off-load) tander IKDAM in the ISIS field off the coast of Tunisia.

Jack writes, "The job required the SeaLion to dive to a depth of 70 metres (220 feet) to locate and inspect the anchor chains, pipes and subsea structures.  After rigging up a 40m shot line to act as a tether management system to keep the umbilical vertical and clear of the boat's propellers, the ROV was then launched from the anchor-handline tug/supply boat.  The SeaLion's powerful vertical thrusters allowed it to easily descend to the required depth.  There it was able to quickly locate the chain and follow it across the bottom to the anchor.  As the SeaLion flew over the ocean floor, the tug followed with the aid of a USBL (ultra short base line) positioning system and an acoustic beacon attached to the ROV.  A video of the entire inspection operation was transferred directly onto DVD."

Jack went on to say, "The system performed flawlessly. I have operated many ROV's and was very impressed with the SeaLion's power and manoeuvrability."

6 October 2004

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