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ROV NEWS: Assodivers installs LBV300 to trencher

Posted on 15.10.2004 - 07:23 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Greek company Assodivers purchased a LBV300 "fly out" system in July to monitor their new trencher. Assodivers was awarded a very large 6 month cable burial project in the Bass Strait of Australia. Specializing in hard surface burial Assodivers built a new trencher. To monitor the trencher during operations a LBV300 system was fitted to the trencher.

The LBV300F system is a complete 300 meter depth rated LBV including Tether Management System, integrated console, brushless thrusters, grabber and all the standard LBV features. Powered from the trencher with the video and data multiplexed through the on board Focal fiber electronics the LBV is operated from the primary control room on board Assodivers' vessel.

Initially the LBV will only be used to 80 meters depth but further work will take the LBV to 300 meters. The LBV can also be operated from the surface without the use of the TMS or Trencher.

Trencher with LBV300F
Close up of LBV300F
Rear view of Trencher
Assodivers Vessel

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October 2004


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