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StarFish interfaces with HYPACK 2009

Posted on 25.09.2009 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

StarFish interfaces with HYPACK 2009Tritech StarFish 450-Series side scan systems can now be interfaced directly to HYPACK 2009. The interface is available within the HYPACK 2009a / 2009 Service Pack 1 releases launched this month.

Tritech's low cost, high performance StarFish 450 sonars coupled with the extended features offered within the HYPACK software package provide professional StarFish users with the power they crave.

Laurie Smith, Managing Director of Del Norte Technology Ltd has championed the interface. Laurie quickly recognised the power of combining both products using his wealth of knowledge as a leading StarFish distributor and HYPACK's European Distributor of the year. Laurie commented: "StarFish SSS enhances everything that Del Norte Technology Ltd (DNTL) does with the in-shore and harbour hydrographic survey industry. Now that DNTL have interfaced Starfish into HYPACK software for control, data collection and processing, the enhancement becomes even more versatile to provide the complete shallow water side scan survey package. It's used for wreck search, debris location, dock wall inspection and accident search and recovery in near shore, docks, lakes and other waterways, with geodesy and position controlled by HYPACK. The Starfish data can then be imported into S57/S63 Arcs and Google Earth after mosaicing within HYPACK. The team at DNTL are very excited about the future for this very cost effective survey solution."

The Starfish interface will be available in all HYPACK software packages, however, the two recommended packages for StarFish users are HYPACK SURVEY (for survey planning, navigation & positioning, real-time data collection, display and targeting) and HYPACK MAX (complete navigation & positioning, data collection and data processing including side scan mosaicing). Customers who purchase HYPACK SURVEY can upgrade to HYPACK MAX at any time.

Existing HYPACK users who have subscribed to the HYPACK Maintenance Plan will receive the HYPACK 2009 Service Pack 1 program update and any future updates.

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