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IMCA updates its ROV code of practice

Posted on 28.08.2009 - 11:52 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

IMCA updates its ROV code of practiceThe IMCA Code of practice for the safe and efficient operation of remotely operated vehicles has been reviewed and republished in a glossy new format, reflecting the latest developments in technology and operations. A particular addition is guidance on safe crewing levels for the increasingly complex tools packages used in conjunction with ROVs as the industry moves into deeper waters, harsher environments and undertakes ever more complex operations around the globe.

One of IMCA's key aims is to promote safety in the offshore environment. The IMCA ROV code has played a vital role in providing the international community with a common set of guidelines and recommendations that provide a high level of safety and efficiency.

The ROV industry is one of the most dynamic in the world. New equipment is constantly entering the market; and ROVs continue to find new applications. As the offshore industry moves towards more and more diverless intervention, their role in construction and maintenance will increase, along with their more traditional use for underwater inspection and observation.

This code has therefore been created with that dynamism in mind. The guidance is updated periodically to reflect technological and operational developments and current good practice, ensuromg that the industry has a perpetual source of relevant safety information.

This document is one of IMCA key codes of practice and is used widely around the world. While local or national regulations naturally take precedence over the code, it continues to provide a vital source of sensible advice and practical suggestions for topics that are not directly regulated.


• Foreword
• Introduction
• ROV classification
• ROV tasks
• ROV tools
• Environmental considerations
• ROV operations
• Equipment certification and maintenance
• Personnel
• Responsibilities
• References

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