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Oceanscan goes against the tide and continues on a wave of success

Posted on 18.08.2009 - 10:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Oceanscan goes against the tide and continues on a wave of successOceanscan are bucking the trend of the current financial climate and are continuing to expand their product division with global sales of the T-Type Crude Oil Tank Inspection System and X-Type Underwater Intruder Detection System. Business is thriving and orders are continuing to be received, resulting in more work and jobs being created in a period of general depression in the offshore oil and gas industry.

Details of recent sales include:

Oil & gas news

LERCO (Libyan Emirates Oil Refining Company) have placed an order for Oceanscan's T-Type Crude Oil Tank Inspection System. The system is currently being built and delivery is scheduled for September 2009.

TechCorr Inc. has also placed an order for Oceanscan's T-Type System, which is scheduled for delivery and mobilisation in early August 2009.

Hemasi Limitada in Brazil have placed an order for a T-Type System (high temperature version), for delivery in early October for work with Petrobras.

VAOS have requested a technical upgrade to their existing tool, delivered in 2007. VAOS have used the system to detect sludge contents in 500.000bbl crude oil tanks. The upgrade includes enabling the system to work in temperatures above 60°C. Mr Tomek, Regional Manager at VAOS, stated that "VAOS is extremely satisfied with the equipment and the commitment and effort shown by Oceanscan Limited and would not hesitate to recommend Oceanscan, a reputable and honourable company."

Manel Monteiro, Sales and Marketing Director, said: "Oceanscan is meeting and exceeding customers' expectations in the highly technical and complex area of crude oil tank 3D mapping and volume calculation. The T-Type programme is a tremendous success and has generated interest from every corner of the globe."

Defence news

Oceanscan Limited is preparing to deliver the second phase of the X-Type System (Underwater Intruder Detection System) to a customer in Asia. This contract is the second phase of 3 which commenced in 2006. The mobilisation and training will start in early August 2009.

Middle East
Oceanscan Limited is also scheduled to deliver a 180° X-Type System to a customer in the Middle East in September 2009. Manel Monteiro stated that "the X-Type technically exceeds any other system currently available on the market, resulting in the worldwide interest in the system. Negotiations with various other security forces around the world are almost concluded and further deliveries are scheduled throughout 2009, 2010 and 2011."

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