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Russian high precision acoustic positioning market picks up

Posted on 17.08.2009 - 11:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Russian high precision acoustic positioning market picks upTwo HiPAP (High Precision Acoustic Positioning) systems have been purchased by two independent Russian companies over the last month. These are the two first sales of HiPAP systems to Russian registered survey and research companies. It is expected that these references will give further synergies for sales volume when these users see the advantages and excellent performance of the HiPAP systems.

The two systems, a HiPAP 350P and a full HiPAP 500 will be used for survey and ROV / Tow fish tracking in the Barents, Kara, Laptev and in the Caspian Sea.

About HiPAP

HiPAP is a hydroacoustic Super Short Base Line - SSBL or USBL, towfish tracking system, able to operate in shallow and deepwater areas to proven ranges in excess of 3000 metres. It is a multi-purpose system used for a wide range of applications including towfish & towed platform tracking, DP reference i/p, high accuracy subsea positioning and telemetry and scientific research.

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