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MPSV Atlantis Dweller

Posted on 14.08.2009 - 11:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

MPSV Atlantis DwellerIn the beginning of June, the first of RUE's two new builds arrived at Westcon Shipyard in Ølen, close to Haugesund. The progress on the outfitting of the vessel is on schedule and it will be finalized by mid November.

As the vessel was towed into the fjord inside Haugesund for outfitting, the equipment was standing by on the key side and work commenced immediately upon the vessels arrival. The date for completion, which was first scheduled to be mid December, has now been brought forward to mid November. The vessel, which is a state of the art Multi Purpose Support Vessel (MPSV), is designed with a very flexible subsea equipment outfit, it can be fitted with two work ROVs and one observation/medium class ROV all under deck in hangars, in addition to a light dive boat used for satellite diving or Modulized sat or air/mix diving system together with 1xWORK and OBS ROV in hangar capabilities. Vessel to be outfitted with a 60 T main + 10 wiplin AHC crane with all machinery and winches below deck, in addition to a 10 t diving utility crane. Vessel will have flush deck, no cargorails for easy handling of structures and spools, deck is preapared for over side Module Handling System, which is a RUE concept

With a length of only 70 meters and berths for 70 people, having a shelter deck of 410 m² and a cargo deck of 195 m² , Atlantis Dweller will be a state of the art vessel with massive capabilities in spite of its moderate size. A cost effective vessel, designed by endusers for optimal sub sea support .

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