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DELPH V 2.7: sonar & mag data export to Google Earth

Posted on 12.08.2009 - 13:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

DELPH V 2.7: sonar & mag data export to Google EarthA growing number of organisations, universities, ports, river authorities, survey companies are interested in visualizing their own sonar and magnetometer data in Google Earth. With the new release of DELPH Sonar V 2.7, IXSEA is pleased to announce easy and intuitive export functionality to Google Earth in sonar interpretation.

DELPH Sonar Interpretation enhances sonar data interpretation in a very user friendly environment. Export of .XTF sonar data into Google Earth is accurate, quick and easy. (The same facility is also available in DELPH Mag V 2.7).

IXSEA offers to all sonar data users the possibility to visualize their own data in this environment. All interested parties are invited to send one or several of their favourite data sets to IXSEA who will return them processed and ready for visualisation in Google Earth (for the Sonar: XTF, for Mag data: ASCII with time, position and field values).

Data set can be sent by CD/FTP or other means (please contact: delph[at]ixsea[dot]com).

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