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IAPSO standard seawater bucks the trend

Posted on 12.08.2009 - 11:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

IAPSO standard seawater bucks the trendInternational oceanographic marine instrument and systems provider, OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Limited), are continuing to see strong sales of their IAPSO Standard Seawater range despite general economic downturns.

OSIL are the proud producers of this internationally recognised calibration standard for the measurement of Practical Salinity, approved by all the major oceanographic bodies and endorsed by the International Association for the Physical Sciences of the Ocean (IAPSO). The widespread use of this single source, high precision standard has been crucial in the comparability of salinity data which has been collected worldwide. OSIL's Managing Director, Dr Richard Williams comments: "Our IAPSO Standard Seawater is crucial for research, and we currently ship to over 75 countries world-wide. Our superb logistics allow us to get the product shipped anywhere in the world in a few days, often next day if required."

The IAPSO standards are prepared from natural seawater and are available in a range of salinities for use in measurements according to the Practical Salinity Scale 1978. The company also produces a full range of Nutrient Standard Solutions for the measurement of Phosphate, Silicate, Nitrate, Nitrite and Ammonia in seawater.

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