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Teledyne RD Instruments now offering CTD products

Posted on 06.08.2009 - 14:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Teledyne RD Instruments now offering CTD productsTeledyne RD Instruments purchased the entire line of Conductivity, Depth, and Temperature (CTD) products from Falmouth Scientific Instruments (FSI), including the patented Non-eXternal Inductive Cell (NXIC) that has already acquired a solid reputation for robust operation in shallow, fouling environments. Please note, we did not acquire the entire organization, just this particular product line. FSI's CTD products deliver exciting and proven technology that is complementary to our ADCP products. This acquisition represents a tremendous opportunity for us to quickly expand our product offerings, and deliver turn-key solutions to our worldwide customers.

For those of you new to CTDs, these products are used extensively around the globe for the measurement of temperature and salinity, but also for the important derived parameters of density and speed of sound. They are used for academic, commercial and defense applications; and are often used in concert with ADCPs to gain a clearer understanding of the ocean's complex physical environment.

Over the next several months, RDI will be transitioning this new product line into Teledyne RD Instruments mainstream sales, support, marketing, production, and engineering activities.

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