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Contract Awards: Juwenta DB Signs as a New AC-CESS Distributor

Posted on 06.08.2009 - 00:00 EDT in CONTRACT AWARDS by ginamc

AC-CESSAC-CESS Co UK Ltd (Aberdeen Scotland) are pleased to announce the signing of a new international distributor,  for the AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System. This further cements AC-CESS’s position as the dominant European micro ROV manufacturer.

 Juwenta DB (Kazakhstan & Surrounding Territories) AC-ROV Micro ROV System

Juwenta DB GmbH is a procurement and financial consulting company, based in Germany.   The main business of the company is to develop and structure financial solutions that fit the needs of their clients.  Known for exploring new ways of connecting private companies and government authorities, Juwenta DB is a leading supplier to the law enforcement, environmental protection and dangerous material disposal sectors of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Exclusively representing over 20 European, Canadian and US military producers in Kazakhstan, Juwenta DB feel adding the AC-ROV to their product line will create new benefits both for their military and civil customers.


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