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Products: Clear Grease Gun Launch

Posted on 05.08.2009 - 10:08 EDT in PRODUCT NEWS by jamesmc

lubeng writes:  

Lubrication Engineers Inc are pleased to announce their appointment as the global distributor of Clear Grease Guns. These patented clear grease tubes allow users to have 100% visual grease identification, therefore avoiding costly grease cross contamination errors. Current grease guns on the market do not allow the grease to be seen meaning that proper grease identification is not possible. The clear grease tubes provide a simple, cost effective reliability solution to eliminating grease misapplication mistakes.

Lubrication Engineers Pty have already supplied many units including converting an entire offshore oil platform off the Australian coast to colour coded clear grease guns.

The following link leads to a brochure which outlines the full benefits of the Clear Grease Guns: CLEAR GREASE GUNS

The tubes are available with a variety of assorted colour end caps. Colour co-ordinate the grease gun tube with the grease points in order to eliminate mishaps, thereby creating multiple forms of positive identification. These anodized end caps are constructed using T6061 aircraft aluminium and colours include: Silver, Blue, Gold, Black, Red, Green & Purple. The tubes themselves are made from high impact, fracture resistant polycarbonate and use the thread pattern 2.280-16UNS (non-standard).

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*within Australia
New South Wales
Head Office Australia

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