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Ocean Modules ships V8 ROV with Hydrolek manipulator to Korea

Posted on 05.08.2009 - 12:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Ocean Modules ships V8 ROV with Hydrolek manipulator to KoreaOcean Modules successfully shipped the first ROV in the world where the unique 360° concept has been integrated with a five-function manipulator. Combining the highly maneuverable and stable V8 Sii ROV and the five-function hydraulic manipulator opens up completely new possibilities for manipulative work in complex, narrow and sensitive environments and areas.

Together with Ocean Modules new powerful Thruster Unit, the V8 Sii with its eight thrusters and advanced control system represents one of the most powerful ROVs in its class today, allowing high-speed movement in any direction. Besides the five-function manipulator/skid from Hydrolek, the ROV also integrates a high-resolution video camera from Bowtech, a high-resolution electronic scanning sonar from BlueView and an underwater positioning system from Tritech.

This is the second V8 ROV delivered to Korea, this time to the Korean Navy. A third is on its way.

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