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ROV Committee names scholarship winners

Posted on 26.05.2009 - 12:00 EDT in GENERAL NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

ROV Committee names scholarship winnersMTS members Joshua Rosenthal, Kurt Jankowski, Robert 'Andy' Lister and Patrick Hickey have won the Marine Technology Society's 2009 ROV Committee Scholarships. In addition, James Douberley, Amanda Lowe and MTS member Zachary Miller received special MATE Center MTS ROV Committee Scholarships.

The scholarships are funded by the MTS ROV Professional Committee, with the MATE Center MTS ROV scholarship going exclusively to students who competed in the MATE Center's annual ROV competition.

Joshua Rosenthal, who will be attending Bard College, was awarded $7,000; Kurt Jankowski, who will be attending the University of Michigan, received $5,000. Andy Lister, who will attend Embry Riddle, and Patrick Hickey, who will attend Rutgers, each received $2,000. James Douberley, who will attend MIT, was awarded $5,000. Amanda Lowe, who is undecided about her university, and Zachary Miller, who will attend Duke, both received $2,000. All will be recognized during the Awards Presentations at Underwater Intervention '10 in New Orleans, La.

Drew Michel, chair of the ROV Committee of MTS, initiated the scholarship program in 1994. Since then it has awarded over $145,000 to deserving students with an interest in remotely operated vehicles.
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