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L-3 Klein Associates introduces the System 3000H side scan sonar

Posted on 12.02.2009 - 13:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

L-3 Klein Associates introduces the System 3000H side scan sonarL-3 Communications announced that its Klein Associates, Inc. subsidiary (L-3 Klein) released its latest digital side scan sonar, the System 3000H. In response to our customer and market demand the System 3000H combines the capabilities of L-3 Klein's most popular, best selling System 3000 side scan sonar, with the capabilities of L-3 Klein's model 3900 search & recovery system. The System 3000H side scan sonar brings to market the field proven capabilities of the System 3000 which allows interfaces for use with a magnetometer, pressure sensor and acoustic positioning with the added capability of higher resolution imaging with selectable frequencies of 445 kHz and 900kHz.

The Klein 3000 side scan sonar is the industry standard for a cost effective side scan sonar that has excellent performance. With the 455 kHz capability wide area searches can be performed to identify objects of interest. By switching over to the 900 kHz frequency within a 50 to 60 meter range objects of interest can be identified and classified with images that are considered the highest quality.

The introduction of the L-3 Klein System 3000H side scan sonar is In keeping with Klein's reputation of bringing to market high quality products that meet the user's expectations.

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