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Successful cooperation between RESON and Schelde Naval Shipbuilding on new Royal

Posted on 03.11.2008 - 10:00 EST in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Successful cooperation between RESON and Schelde Naval Shipbuilding on new Royal Thai Navy vesselRESON recently completed delivery and trials for a complete hydrographic and oceanographic equipment package for the new Royal Thai Navy Multipurpose vessel H.T.M.S Pharuehatsabodi and her two small survey boats.

The new vessel will acquire hydrographic data in the Gulf of Thailand and the Andaman Sea, in addition to this she will also act as a training vessel and will be used for oceanographic data collection.

H.T.M.S. Pharuehatsabodi was built in Thailand by a Joint Venture between Unithai Shipyard and Engineering (Unithai) and Schelde Naval Shipbuilding (SNS).

Schelde Naval Shipbuilding is part of the Damen Shipyards Group and is specialized in naval vessels. The vessel was designed by SNS and the material package and local site supervision was delivered by Damen Technical Co-operation (DTC).

RESON's scope of supply for the H.T.M.S. Pharuehatsabodi comprises RESON SeaBat 8101 multibeam sonar system, NaviSound 420DS singlebeam echosounder, L3-Klein Side Scan Sonar, Sonardyne USBL, Innomar Sub-bottom profiler and oceanographic equipment such as Valeport CTD and water samplers, seabed based tide systems and laboratory equipment.

The two eight meter survey boats are equipped with NaviSound 210 singlebeam echosounders and one of the survey boats also has installed a SeaBat 8101 multibeam sonar system.

RESON's Dutch branch acted as hydrographic/oceanographic system integrator at the site in Thailand. They made sure the equipment was installed and interfaced correctly and all systems performed according to the requirements.

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