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OSIL announce an increase in sales of AML SV Sensors

Posted on 22.10.2008 - 14:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

OSIL announce an increase in sales of AML SV SensorsInternational oceanographic marine instrument and systems provider, OSIL (Ocean Scientific International Limited), have reported a marked increase in sales across the range of AML (Applied Microsystems Ltd.) Sound Velocity instruments in response to a growing need within the industry.

Specifically, OSIL have noted substantial increases in sales of the AML CTD SV Sensor, the AML SV Smart Sensor, and the Micro SV Sensor. AML's updated version of their CTD SV Plus is ideal for measuring conductivity, temperature, pressure and sound velocity during long-term monitoring and profiling work. The AML SV Sensor is an intelligent active probe, designed for direct measurements of sound velocity in water using an innovative technique that measures 'time of flight' of a single acoustic pulse. Finally, AML's new Micro SV provides its customers with lower servicing costs and longer calibration periods than any previous SV sensor, while incorporating radical advances in 'time-of-flight' sound velocity measurement.

OSIL Director, Richard Williams, explains why AML has fast become the clear choice for many, "Organisations need highly dependable sound velocity instruments in the field with the ability to work at much greater ocean depths, without the need for frequent calibration. AML fits the bill on all accounts and offers many other benefits too."

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