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ROV NEWS: Canada Customs Accepts Benthos Stingray ROV Systems

Posted on 21.05.2004 - 01:30 EDT in ROV NEWS by admin

Benthos Inc.BENTHOS, INC. (NASDAQ: BTHS) have announced that, after the completion of successful sea acceptance testing, the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) accepted all five of the Stingray ROV systems ordered in August of 2003.  The systems were subjected to extensive review and sea acceptance tests by CCRA.

The Stingray ROV systems will be used by CCRA in harbour and port security operations, particularly ship hull inspections.  These inspections can include searches for parasitic attachments containing illegal narcotics, explosives, and weapons of mass destruction.

CCRA plans to deploy the systems in port cities throughout Canada.  Stingray ROV systems are small, lightweight (70 pounds), inspection class remotely operated vehicles designed to perform a variety of underwater missions.  They are equipped with high-resolution video cameras, lights, and powerful thrusters which allow them to operate in hostile marine environments that could pose risks to divers.  A single Stingray ROV system includes an underwater vehicle, a remote control operator handbox, a topside control console, high-resolution video display, a tether with storage reel, and launch and recovery system.

Benthos, Inc., through its Undersea Systems Division, designs, manufactures, sells and services a variety of oceanographic products for underwater tasks; and through its TapTone Package Inspection Systems Division makes systems for testing consumer packages made of glass, metal or plastic.  The common stock of the Company is traded on the Nasdaq SmallCap market under the symbol BTHS.  For more information, Benthos can be found on the Internet at

Source: Benthos Inc

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