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Global Crossing inaugurates submarine cable in Costa Rica's Pacific Coast

Posted on 04.08.2008 - 12:00 EDT in SUBSEA TELECOMS NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Global Crossing inaugurates submarine cable in Costa Rica's Pacific CoastGlobal Crossing, a leading global IP solutions provider, today announced the lighting of its new fiber-optic submarine cable in Esterillos of Parrita, Puntarenas. Global Crossing; Instituto Costarricense de Electricidad (ICE), the state-run entity responsible for Costa Rica's telecommunications; and the Radiográfica Costarricense S.A. (RACSA) will host a ceremony today at the new Unqui cable station in the town of Esterillos. Costa Rican President Oscar Arias along with executives from Global Crossing, ICE and RACSA will attend the event to launch the new system.

This much anticipated fiber-optic submarine cable will facilitate the expansion of ICE's international network to the rest of the world through Global Crossing's network, allowing Costa Rica to increase reliability of its international telecommunications and strengthen the country's competitiveness, not only within Latin America, but on a worldwide scale.

"We're excited to reinforce our partnership with ICE in this initiative to expand Costa Rica's telecommunications services and increased connectivity around the world. This agreement is another step in the ongoing, cooperative effort between ICE, RACSA and Global Crossing to promote the continuous social and economic growth of the country," said John Legere, Global Crossing's CEO.

The new cable connection is an extension of the Pan American Crossing (PAC), which connects the United States' west coast, Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and the Virgin Islands, in addition to the east coast of the United States, South America, Europe and Asia, via Global Crossing's other underwater cable systems.

With the new Global Crossing connection, Costa Rica will benefit from the security, reliability and global reach of Global Crossing's high-quality IP network. Additionally, this joint project provides ICE with a reliable international network infrastructure on both coasts, supporting the exponential growth of Internet traffic and transport of mission critical IP business applications in the region.

ICE's capacity to transport international traffic will increase, as will the possibilities for businesses in the region. As an example, the new bandwidth enables the transmission of approximately 185 million e-mails per second, assuming an average e-mail of 20KB; allows 2.5 million people to watch a video online, assuming 1.5M per connection; and can handle 60 million phone calls. Global Crossing's branch reaching Costa Rica has a design capacity of 256 STM1 equivalents, allowing for future increases in capacity as ICE's service requirements grow.

ICE has modernized and expanded its communications infrastructure at an international level, enabling national and multinational companies in the country to speed the flow information. The new cable landing is an important milestone for Costa Rica as it strives to develop a telecommunications infrastructure that will support the country's fast-growing demand for broadband applications.

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