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End of life/service notifications for SeaBat 9001 and 6012 multibeam sonar syste

Posted on 04.07.2008 - 08:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

End of life/service notifications for SeaBat 9001 and 6012 multibeam sonar systems, DESO echosounders and SVPsThe RESON SeaBat 9001 and SeaBat 6012 Systems have served RESON's customers well for many years. RESON, however, decided to discontinue production and service support of these systems immediately as their vendors discontinue the manufacture of some of the required components. However, some components 'might' still be available as new or second-hand parts on a first-come basis. Please contact a RESON service center in each case.

Upgrading to SeaBat 7000 Series

Among the alternatives to the SeaBat 9001, RESON can offer either SeaBat 8125, 7125 or 7101, which are designed for installation on surface vessels, ROV or AUV platforms.

One of the improved features of the new 7000 series is the ease of interchanging the wet-ends in order to provide a simple upgrade path and improved flexibility.

Please contact your usual RESON contact for information about features of the SeaBat 7000 series. RESON will be pleased to help you.

End of service notification for mature echosounders and SVP

This notification is to inform all RESON customers that with immediate effect service will no longer be offered for the following products:
• DESO 14
• DESO 15
• DESO 17
• DESO11 - NS50
• NaviSound 100A
• NaviSound 100D
• NaviSound 100F
• SVP10
Multiple component obsolescence issues have prompted this end of service notice for these products which have not been produced by RESON for a number of years.

RESON has a full program of NaviSound single beam echosounder and sound velocity probes.

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