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R2Sonic presents Switchable Forward Looking Option to Sonic 2024 multibeam echos

Posted on 25.04.2008 - 12:00 EDT in SURVEY NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

R2Sonic presents Switchable Forward Looking Option to Sonic 2024 multibeam echosounderR2Sonic is pleased to announce the incorporation of a Switchable Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) Imaging Option to the Sonic 2024 Broadband Multibeam Echosounder Systems.

When enabled, the option allows the user to easily switch from operating the Sonic 2024 in a bathymetric profiling mode which projects a narrow 1° along-track beam, to an imaging mode which projects a wide 22° vertical beam. In imaging mode the operator will see a plan view ahead of the sonar in real time.

The Switchable option can be useful for a number of different operations. As application needs change, the Sonic 2024 asset can serve multiple functions.

Sonic 2024
Sonic 2024 broadband multibeam echosounder.
Offshore Applications
On underwater vehicles, the sonar can be mounted on a tilt table. When oriented horizontally it is used for obstacle avoidance and search. When pointed downward, it is used to precisely map the ocean bottom. The underwater vehicles can range from ROV, AUV, Pipe or Cable Burial Plough, Excavator, etc.

Dredging Applications
Realtime control of dredging and mining operations where there's a need to scan volume in addition to making precise bottom maps.

Defense Applications
Harbor mapping tool in peace time, intruder and mine detection sonar in times of threat.
Research Applications: Volumetric mapping, behavior tracking and monitoring pelagic fish schools or marine mammals in the water column.
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