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Vis-Tech Inspection buy AC-ROV

Posted on 09.04.2008 - 14:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Vis-Tech Inspection buy AC-ROVAC-CESS Co UK Ltd (Aberdeen, Scotland) is proud to announce the sale of an AC-ROV Underwater Inspection System to Vis-Tech Inspection of Alberta, Canada.

Founded in 1996, Vis-Tech is one of Canada's premier remote visual inspection specialists, operating a fleet of land based crawler systems and an autonomous helicopter for altitude inspection applications.

When asked to explain their move to incorporate a submerged inspection capability to their service offering Vis-Tech CEO Mr Darcy Clarke stated that the mobility and access capability of the AC-ROV system has bridged the divide between submerged remotely operated vehicle (ROV) operations and remote visual inspection applications.

AC-ROV at work"Vis-tech has been monitoring the development of micro ROV technology for a few years now. Our research has shown that the AC-ROV, has the minimal size, portability and simplicity of operation required for remote visual inspection work typically the domain of pole cameras and the like"

Mr Callum Magee, Business Development Manager from AC-CESS agreed with this analysis:

"We have seen a strong trend confirming the use of our vehicles in applications that previously were the domain of pole cameras, bore scopes and small crawler vehicles. The AC-ROV enables clients to get very high quality video of targets in what were previously no go areas. The mobility and ingress capability of the AC-ROV is unmatched for ROV's in the remote visual inspection market."

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