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Contract Awards: Bourbon selects Schilling Robotics as ROV technology partner

Posted on 21.03.2008 - 14:00 EDT in ROV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Bourbon selects Schilling Robotics as ROV technology partnerSchilling Robotics, a leading producer of advanced remotely operated underwater vehicles (ROVs), will supply Bourbon with an initial order for four ultraheavy-duty UHD ROV systems during 2008 and 2009. The UHD's power and technology will add class-leading, heavy-duty work-class capability to Bourbon's ROV fleet.

Bourbon has focused its growth resources and expanded its strategic plan to reflect the dynamic and growing market in offshore oil and gas marine services through 2012. Bourbon has chosen Schilling for support in achieving these goals in subsea services.

The ROVs feature 200 shp and are rated for operation to 4,000 meters. The systems will all include an extended-excursion XE tether management system and will feature Schilling’s Remote Systems Engine technology with gigabit Ethernet, high-definition video capability, and advanced auto functions. Hawbolt Industries has been selected to supply launch and recovery systems for several of the ROVs.

"Bourbon and its ROV operations arm, DNT Offshore, are impressive organizations with significant plans for the next five years and beyond," says Jason Stanley, Schilling Robotics vice president of systems sales and marketing. "We are pleased that Bourbon has selected our team as a technology partner, and we will work closely with them to achieve their ambitious vision."

The UHD ROVs will be used in IMR (inspection, maintenance, and repair) operations worldwide aboard the Bourbon fleet. This fleet includes some of the world’s most advanced vessels, some featuring the award-winning X-Bow inverted hull design.

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