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Survey: IMarEST launches 'Journal of Operational Oceanography' at Oi08

Posted on 06.03.2008 - 08:00 EST in EXHIBITION NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

IMarEST launches 'Journal of Operational Oceanography' at Oi08Over the past thirty years operational oceanography has come of age. The merging of scientific understanding of the oceans with the technologies and tools for routinely making, disseminating and interpreting ocean observations and measurements has become a reality, making possible the delivery of information critical to safety, commerce and environmental protection.

To serve this truly multidisciplinary endeavour, the Institute of Marine Engineering, Science and Technology (IMarEST) has launched the ‘Journal of Operational Oceanography', the new international peer reviewed journal for the oceanography community. Copies of the launch issue are available free of charge at the IMarEST stand (No: 1413) at Oceanology International.

"Oceanography brings together the sciences of physics, chemistry, biology and geology," explains the editor of the new journal, Professor Ralph Rayner FIMarEST, CMarSci of the London School of Economics. "Add to this scientific mix technological disciplines such as sensor, satellite, communications and information technology as well as systems integration, and the tools of numerical simulation and you have the vast array of disciplines and skills that operational oceanography must successfully integrate."

The Journal of Operational Oceanography, which will be published twice a year, both in print and online, is a collection of international research papers and technical reports - the launch issue contains some of the papers being delivered at Oceanology International 2008 (Oi08). The Journal is designed to address the role of oceanography in contributing to fields such as ocean and climate forecasting, numerical weather prediction and mitigating natural hazards, and is aimed at a wide range of end users. It also incorporates papers that address the requirements of the Global Ocean and Climate Observing Systems (GOOS and GCOS) and of Global Monitoring for Environmental Security (GMES) and the Global Earth Observing System of Systems (GEOSS).

"Set in the context of a capacity for observing and forecasting the environment of the planet as a whole, operational oceanographic systems provide a fundamental input to improved weather forecasting and climate projection making them of critical importance to beneficiaries far removed from the coast or from operations at sea," explains Professor Rayner in his editorial comment in the first issue of the Journal.

"There is much that remains to be done. Existing implementation plans for the Global Ocean Observing System (GOOS) have yet to be completed. Multinational cooperation, coordination and exchange of data are not yet fully developed. Oceanographic research is revealing new knowledge about the oceans and creating the capacity to deliver improved benefits when this knowledge is transitioned into operational use.

"The launch of the Journal of Operational Oceanography provides a focal point for exchange of knowledge in this fast developing field."

Further information on the new journal, including a Call for Papers will be available on the IMarEST stand at Oi08 and from

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