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AUV NEWS: Bluefin Robotics announces major new distribution agreements worldwide

Posted on 21.11.2007 - 16:00 EST in AUV NEWS by Rons_ROV_Links

Bluefin Robotics announces major new distribution agreements worldwide Bluefin Robotics is pleased to announce new worldwide distribution agreements for sales and support of its Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUVs), pressure-tolerant subsea lithium polymer batteries, and related technologies. Countries represented within these agreements include Australia, New Zealand, Philippines, Viet Nam, China, Fiji, India, Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Israel.

Chief Operating Officer Robert J. Grieve commented, "Bluefin has long been recognized as a major provider of AUV technologies for military and commercial applications worldwide. These new distribution agreements reflect a significant change in the Company's philosophy from the use of a completely internally-based sales force to the addition of representative-based sales outside of the U.S.

"In today's global marketplace, it is critical to have local representation wherever possible, in order to provide the fastest and most direct response possible for sales as well as customer support. This is a significant expansion of our global sales and support coverage, and we believe that it will contribute considerably toward sales growth on an immediate basis."

Companies included in the representation of Bluefin Robotics include Seismic Asia Pacific Pty. Ltd of Australia, Results Marine of India, Precision Technologies of Singapore, and Itzhak Almog of Israel. Products represented include the cost-effective Spray™ long-endurance glider AUV, the HAUV Hovering AUV for ship hull inspection, and the BF Series of AUVs, available in a wide range of standard or customized configurations.

The Bluefin-12 and Bluefin-21 are the only commercially available AUVs that utilize a completely modular, flooded architecture for optimum performance at even the greatest depths. All Bluefin AUV's feature rapid on-the-fly swapping of specially designed pressure-tolerant batteries for safe, fast turnaround at sea (without ever opening a water-tight seal). In addition, Bluefin provides innovative propulsion, navigation, and specialized 6000m-rated Li/Polymer battery systems for non-Bluefin products and applications.

About Bluefin Robotics

Bluefin Robotics manufactures and develops Autonomous Underwater Vehicle (AUV) vehicles, systems, and technology. Founded in 1997, the Company has grown to become a world leader in AUV products designed for military, commercial (oil and gas exploration, sea floor mapping), archaeological, and other applications. Bluefin Robotics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Battelle Memorial Institute, the world's largest non-profit independent research and development organization. For more information on Battelle, please go to
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